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  Six Principles of Magic
1. Every magician has a beautiful vision for the world.
2. Every system of magic is a single artists tool, used to reshape reality.
3. If you believe, it shall exist.
4. When you call, they will answer.
5. Success and failure, is one and the same: ignorance and depression is the enemy.
6. Be like all equally, and you shall unite; refuse and separate.

by Dalamar
  Mythology of THOTH
Thoth Egyptian God
Discover more about the myth and legend of Thoth & The Book of THOTH
Transcribers Notes

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The Egyptian Revival, or The Ever-Coming Son in The Light of the Tarot

By Frater Achad

Transcriber’s Notes

The text of this electronic edition is taken from the Samuel Weiser printing of 1974. The work is not copyrighted.

Due to the limitations of the medium, certain changes have been made from the printed edition:

Text shown here in ALL CAPITALS was printed with an initial capital and small caps in place of lowercase. The remainder of Achad’s highly idiosyncratic capitalization is shown as in the original.

Text shown here _surrounded by underline characters_ was shown in italics in the Weiser edition.

The diagram of Frater Achad’s “Restored” Tree of Life is in an accompanying file titled ACHDTREE.GIF.

Benjamin Rowe

August 1992

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The Book of THOTH

The Mysteries of the Tarot, Crowley, Magick and Egypt revealed at The Book of THOTH