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"I’ve never had an astrology report as detailed as this, it’s everything I’d hoped for and more - this kind of personalised service is just what astrology needs. Thank you not just for the chart, but for answering all my questions." Crystal.

A quick introduction to your astrologer

Hi there,

GiselleMy name is Giselle and I’m the proud owner and founder of Cornerstone Astrology. I'm a completely independent full time astrologer, so when you order an astrology chart from me it has the personal touch that you won't find in the automated world of the large commercial sites. It means a lot to me that the reports I create are detailed and rather unique and that people are happy with them.

A little about me.

I live by the coast, in the North East of England with my daughter, Sophie, who is currently studying art, two dogs called Oliver and Charlie and Milly the cat. I’ve worked with astrology, numerology and tarot for over twenty years. In addition I practice reiki, reflexology and Indian head massage. I also collect crystals and minerals, both for pleasure and for use with my reiki. When I’m not pouring over astrology charts, you can usually find me walking on the beach or in the countryside with Oliver and Charlie or in a coffee shop with Sophie.

I firmly believe that astrology is a tool that everyone can use for self analysis and personal growth, but more than that, I know from personal experience that your astrology chart can become your own personal oracle, providing you with guidance, wisdom and reassurance when you need it most.

My intention with this website is to keep it simple and devote all my energy to creating high quality, insightful astrology charts for like minded people. I want your astrology charts to have depth, meaning and substance to them, so that they become invaluable points of reference that you will keep and use throughout your life. Astrology is amazing, and I want to share it with you.

The in-depth birth charts that I cast are intended to last a lifetime and be as relevant when you’re one as when you’re a hundred. This is particularly true because in many respects we grow into our charts as we get older; it’s just not possible to get from seed to sunflower in a day! Likewise the Synastry charts and Personal forecast charts are labours of love that go that I hope will really make a difference in your life.

So thank you for your interest and your support, and I hope that after reading your first report you will be one of the growing number of clients who returns again and again.


Founder of Cornerstone Astrology

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