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Astrology for your Pets (Cats and Dogs)

Pet Astrology

Most dog and cat owners will be the first to agree that their pets have very real personalities. It seems logical to assume that if astrology can help us to understand our human personality traits, that it could also provide a personality profile for our four legged companions. Have ever wondered how the alignment of the planets affects your pet's personality?

While dog or cat astrology might sound a little unusual it can be a fun way of learning a little more about your pet's character. This is because the basic zodiac motivations remain the same - an Aries dog is going to be as outgoing and action orientated as an Aries person. Likewise, a Leo cat is just as inclined to be extrovert, loyal and proud as a Leo human.

If you would like to discover more about your own pet's star sign, then why not order a short 12 page report and find out if your cat or dog fits their astrological profile. The report is based mainly on the position on the Sun, so an exact time of birth is not required. It covers several different areas such as training, diet, personality, lifestyle, health and diet and even includes your pet's own chart wheel, which will enable you to study your pet's astrology even further.

This report will also make a great gift for animal lovers.

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