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Which is the best tarot deck?

Thoth65 %65 %65 % 65.67% (153)
Marsailles2 %2 %2 % 2.58% (6)
Rider Waite20 %20 %20 % 20.17% (47)
Swiss 1JJ1 %1 %1 % 1.29% (3)
Other (Please Comment)10 %10 %10 % 10.30% (24)

Total Votes: 233

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"Which is the best tarot deck?" | 9 comments
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Re: Which is the best tarot deck? (Score: 0)
by Guest on Friday, November 11 @ 18:20:38 GMT

celtic dragon tarot. i cannot remember the artist, but it was done in conjunction with a pagan author who shared her visions with a pagan artist who took the image and created it. very beautiful and easy (4 me at least) to read.

The Junkie Demystified (Score: 0)
by Guest on Friday, November 18 @ 22:04:36 GMT

Considering the impact he had on last century's culture and religion, and the continuing influence he has today, there aren't all that many biographies published on «the wickedest man in the world». And most that were have been out of print for years.

Hutchinson's book is not a complete character assassination, but I get the feeling that it's written with the aim to pull Crowley down quite a few notches. His magick is not discussed at any great length, as the author clearly think it's all mumbo-jumbo. Crowley's personal life did contain quite a few episodes that paints the picture of a self-obsessed, egotistical maniac. But doesn't one have to be to accomplish anything?

The worst thing he ever did, in my opinion, was to fail to help his fellow climbers on a groundbreaking 1905 expedition to Kangchenjunga in the Himalayas. They had been taken by an avalanche and were probably dead anyway, but by just ignoring the whole incident Crowley ended his climbing career, nearly conquering the third highest peak in the world. This accomplishment is not listed in any official climbing history books.

Crowley believed in total legalization of all drugs, and thought that anyone that allowed themselves to be addicted were people no one needed anyway. He still died with a hopeless heroin addiction, but at the age of 72 one must say he stuck it out for quite a while, and crammed more intense experience into his life than most of us could, even if we lived ten times over.

As described by Hutchinson, the rest of Crowley's life was filled with travelling, drinking, doing all kinds of drugs, tantric sex, rituals, and leading various half-secret societies that, along with Crowley, often got scandalized in the british tabloids of the time. A fair amount of in-fighting in «The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn» is also covered. His actions during the two world wars are discussed, concluding that he probably worked for British Intelligence.

«The Beast Demystified» is worthwhile as far as biographical detail goes, and sheds light on some events that were more muddy in earlier books, but it's not the defintive Crowley biography - that has yet to be written. Also, to put out non-fiction books without a bibliography and a good index is a worse sin than most of the ones Crowley committed.

Those more interested in Crowley's work than his nasty personality should read his disciple Israel Regardie's «interpretaion» «The Eye in the Triangle» (1970). A book similar to Hutchinson's, but more sketchy, is Colin Wilson's «The Nature of the Beast» (1987). Wilson keeps the door open for some of the magick, and thinks Crowley was a great essayist. A friend of Crowley, C.R. Cammell, wrote a biography called (among other titles) «The Black Magician» (1951) , which is well worth reading for a different perspective. The most well known and widely read Crowley biography is probably the very detailed, but somewhat unsympathetic «The Great Beast» (1951) by John Symonds.

A self-proclaimed son of Crowley, «Amado», has written three books that reads as - and must be viewed as - pure fiction until he comes forward with a real name, and proof of being a relative.

Also, there's Crowley's own «autohagiography» (a God's autobiography) «Confessions» (1969), by most considered an unreadable, overlong mess. The book was edited by Kenneth Grant and Crowley's first biographer John Symonds. Grant believed in Crowley's Law of Thelema, Symonds did not. Grant, who claims to be World Head of the O.T.O., also thinks that Crowley's «Book of the Law» was dictated to him by aliens from the planet Sirius. The nearly 1000 page «Confessions» is the only one of Crowley's writings that doesn't get trashed by Hutchinson, probably because it was a good source. All of Crowley's poetry and fiction gets mercilessly butchered, contrary to Crowley's own claim of being England's greatest poet.


Re: Which is the best tarot deck? (Score: 0)
by Guest on Thursday, January 12 @ 23:00:27 GMT

"Gothic Tarot" by Joseph Vargo

Re: Which is the best tarot deck? (Score: 0)
by Guest on Monday, February 06 @ 12:44:04 GMT

I would not say one is better than another, but the deck I work best with when doing readings is the Hanson-Roberts Deck.

Re: Which is the best tarot deck? (Score: 0)
by Guest on Thursday, April 13 @ 05:50:19 BST

In terms of individual usage, I claim the elder traditions of more exploratory deck as highest in efficacy for the user... when I introduce people to the idea of the Deck, I either approach from the RW for those more into the mnemnetic affectations, just for social clarity and mutability of internal issues of pseudo-Christian symbolism (most queries on this issue come to me from "fallen" Roman Catholics and the like)... when I approach a magus, or one of our poor siblings obsessed with a particular mid-grade school (those intent on maintaining the Golden Dawn despite admonitions from even its progenators or those caught up in, say, popular Wiccan cultism of the last half-century or so) I like to instigate a deeper, perhaps darker, certainly more comlex (but simple in its directness, at least) perspective through the THOTH deck... in this case, the user has more often than not engaged the RW already, or is at least familiar with that decks use and history.

jozef sinister

Re: Which is the best tarot deck? (Score: 0)
by Guest on Saturday, April 29 @ 03:43:01 BST

The Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti

Re: Which is the best tarot deck? (Score: 0)
by Guest on Friday, May 12 @ 10:39:44 BST

I voted Ryder/Waite but The Thoth deck is the prettiest. I own both. I also have an Egyptian deck and a color your own deck from BOTA.

Re: Which is the best tarot deck? (Score: 0)
by Guest on Saturday, June 03 @ 06:02:58 BST

So many answers to this question! I've only worked with Thoth, but I also own the Egyptian deck. It's taken a while to "get into" Thoth, but well worth the effort. I'm sure there are other decks that are more user-friendly from the get-go, but perhaps they don't have as many "secrets within." To come up with a better answer, the question would have to be narrowed down a bit, like which is the best looking deck, etc.

Re: the best tarot deck is - the Uncarved Block, by Hun Tun (Score: 0)
by Guest on Sunday, December 09 @ 11:56:21 GMT

ARS VIF (aka AN CLUTCHED) [as yet unpublished] - the "book of love's own dreams/ where all the print is blood/ and all the pages are my days/ and all my lies grow old..." (as Bob Hunter describes this illustrious tome in his utterly eloquent _Attics of My Life_, found on the G.D. album "American Beauty" if you're curious). The "best" deck is the deck each initiate designs, DRAWS (~ upon, ~ down), or "de-signs" based on their personally acquired and assimilated understanding of the symbols. This is the only reliable deck with which to perform any real-life "prophesying." Mind you, reproductions of renditions of the "Book T" -if you like - by artists, or under the direction of adepts, who've taken this approach to rendering the Atu' can serve at least as a "stop gap" for the aspirant who hasn't yet found the time, energy, attention or input required to create their own Book of Lies/Laws/Love/Shadow/LVX and/or as you/they WILT...93(s)ce(e)?z(e)e!

The Book of THOTH

The Mysteries of the Tarot, Crowley, Magick and Egypt revealed at The Book of THOTH