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"As I read that report I just thought OMG thatís exactly it! You totally hit the nail on the head its so reassuring to have an impartial perspective like that." D. Smithson.

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Relationship Astrology

Astrological Compatibility (Relationship Astrology)

Our close personal and intimate relationships affect every facet of our lives; our self esteem, optimism, confidence and happiness itself are inextricably connected to and influenced by our quest for that all elusive 'perfect' relationship. If we're honest, there's no such thing as a 'perfect' relationship, but some relationships are always going to be stronger and longer lasting than others.

Astrology is a popular and effective way of understanding your existing relationship and ascertaining the probability of a new relationship being lasting and meaningful. Even the best of relationships from often benefit from a little impartial insightful input at times, understanding the deeper aspects of your relationship allows you to develop a more meaningful connection,  often giving a new understanding of each other.

Often when we think about astrological compatibility we just think of how well matched our sun signs are, but while this may offer a general guide as to our potentials for success, to see the bigger picture an astrologer needs to consider the natal charts of the two individuals together.

There are two rather different methods for looking at the dynamics of a relationship, both of which are enlightening, revealing and effective and serve to answer that all important question: ‘Am I compatible with my partner?’

Composite Charts

This method of relationship astrology uses a astrological technique called midpoints to create a third chart based on the midpoints between both people’s natal charts. This third chart is called a composite chart and reflects the true nature of your relationship, revealing your strengths and weaknesses as a couple.

If you’d like to see an example of a composite chart, take a quick look in the ‘Compatibility Reports’  section in the chart shop, you can gain a better understanding of how these reports work and if you’re interested, order your own.

Synastry Charts

The second method astrologers use is called ‘Synastry’. In astrology, synastry reports look at the contacts and aspects created between the two people’s natal charts to ascertain where the most harmonious aspects can be found, and of course, where any stressful aspects appear. These are probably the most well known and popular astrology reports and as such, there are several different synastry reports in the chart shop, each with its own sample report.

If you ever wondered about your relationship, now you have the perfect opportunity to discover more about its potential.

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